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High Desert Digital offers a wide range of website design and hosting services to support Santa Fe and New Mexico businesses and individuals.

Backed by a team of creative graphic designers, copywriters, and website system administrators, we are equipped to address all of your website and hosting needs, whatever your budget.

Eye-catching website design can help increase your market reach. Whether you are seeking to convert your Santa Fe New Mexico website visitors to leads or buyers, to sign up for your newsletter or follow you on social media, we will work closely with you to identify the customers you are focusing on, and provide the online solution they will be confident with.

We offer a wide range of web design packages that are affordable and full-featured allowing any business to attract its target audience and stand out from its competitors.

We will develop your site to be unique and effective for your target market and business objectives.

This is where WordPress Templates thrive. Templates save time and reduce costs. Although every website is built to achieve different results, for example, online or store sales, leads, or engagement. With thousands of templates and over 50 thousand plug-ins available, we can design your ideal website.

Many of the websites designs that achieve visitor engagement are informative websites. These websites are usually content and design-driven. Another successful application would be an e-Commerce website. If your business model offers goods and/or services for online purchase, we can develop a Woocommerce or Magento e-Commerce site for you.


Engaging and Informative Website Templates

Custom WordPress Design

The opportunity of making your site unique and, in all respects, ideally suited for your brand and business is exactly where WordPress Templates excel!

WordPress Themes and Templates Explained

What is a custom website design?

In brief, although there are many phases prior to determining the final design, a genuine custom web design consists of building a website from the ground up using a programming language such as php, html, JavaScript and many others. Generally in combination with one another.

There are no Templates or Themes used, (We’ll discuss what these are below), no standard set of graphics such as are available from Adobe Stock or ShutterStock, etc., or any of the available free online graphics marketplaces. This generally results in the hiring of a professional photographer and/or an experienced Graphic Designer.

A recent online search for “custom designed website cost” returned, in part, the following:

Well known freelancers and small design studios will often charge $7,500 to $15,000 for custom web design. Mid-size agencies will
typically charge $25,000 to $50,000+ for custom web design. Another search returned costs of – for an Informational or Small
Business Website,  $2,000 – $9,000 and $400 – $1,200 per year for maintenance. Which seems low to me. But it can go up from there depending upon many factors such as Logo design, Copywriting, SEO.

Most of the top ranking web designers
use templates for custom web designs.

Many Santa Fe and Albuquerque website designers say that they provide custom design solutions when they actually use a template. It’s a bit deceptive for both the businesses that pay for a custom design and the legitimate website designers that actually do custom design.

However, it should be noted that almost all professionally designed templates are thoroughly customizable.

Due in large part to the continued and ongoing development of website “Page Builders” such as Elementor® (our favorite) and the available aftermarket plugins that further add to and extend the features of this #1 web creation platform, the possibilities of using an “off the shelf” template allows for the building and customizing of every part of your Santa Fe website design; such that, for all intents and purposes, it IS a custom-designed website! 

When you view our ready-made Templates, keep in mind that while a particular design may be categorized for a restaurant, if the design appeals to you, it can easily be customized for your business needs. All of our WordPress themes have configuration settings for colors and typography that you can change as you wish. There are also options for many of the features, content, and layout of various pages. 

WordPress Theme Detector

Here's a challenge: visit a dozen "custom" website design firms of your choice, or those you are considering, and using the link above, you'll find, as our not so scientific research determined, that almost 100% of these sites which profess "custom designs" do in fact use WordPress templates!

WordPress is Customizable

Most website designers will build websites using as many existing ready-made elements and tools as possible. Your template will usually come with large amounts of built-in plugins, widgets, and options which will make the job of launching the site much faster and easier, in addition to providing you with the flexibility in creating your design.

Complex Solutions

Build Any Kind Of Website You Want. Our WordPress Website Templates allow you to create any style of website, from a user friendly blog to a feature rich business website. With 50,000 plugins available, – the sky’s the limit.

High Quality Standards

Our Themes include a Customizer panel allowing you to change colors, upload your logo, and much more. But that’s not all ! We include Elementor, the leading drag and drop page builder; enabling you to truly customize the Theme to your needs.

What is a WordPress Website Template?

“A website template is a predesigned resource that shows the structure for the comprehensive layout and display features of any
website. It is provided by various suppliers to help make Web design a lot easier for designers. Designers can take advantage of
these templates and simply swap in their own data (Copy*) and images to get a very elaborate Web style without writing any codes

Templates are pre-made designs that can be thoroughly customized to your desired business image with a unique look and feel.
Templates make the website building and design experience timely and if copy and images are ready, can be up and running in a
matter of days. Templates provide high quality and affordability. While there are many sources of WorPress Templates, one popular
site offers an impressive 12,000+ WordPress templates!

Hubspot Graph
Santa Fe Custom Designed Websites


At High Desert Digital we specialize in creating premium, effective and attractive websites.
From clear, informational sites to more complex eCommerce or a customized web design, we’ve got the right tools to build exactlywhat you need.

The possibility of making your site unique and perfectly suited for your brand and business is precisely where WordPress themes come in handy.

Why Work With Independent Freelancers?

According to Neil Patel:

There’s no such thing as “industry standard pricing” for copywriting.

Some projects might need long copy, others might need short copy. But both require special skills, and length has nothing to do with it

Because we work with many Freelancers, if a client, say an artisan, for example, requires engaging content for their site, well it’s best to recruit a copywriter with a background in that field. The same holds true for say a fashion website. Best if the copywriter has a background in fashion.

So when you hire us for your Santa Fe, Albuquerque, or New Mexico website design, and have the need for expert Graphics, Copywriting, SEO, or any other website specialties, you’ll have the option to choose from a select group, the one that you feel is most suitable for your particular circumstances.

Any template that you purchase is going to require customization. You will need to supply your own content or have us write the copy, have your own logo or have one designed, change the color scheme to match your branding, etc. And of course, Hosting.

Rest assured, there’s no small print.

“We’ve got your back”

When you signup for any of our services, be it Hosting, or any of our freelancers, we’ll always be there to help or even just chat if you need someone to talk to.

Request your free consultation!