A bit about Us

We’re intent on providing the best support in the industry to all our users

The silent partners of your online business.

Your success is our success.

Who are we?

When you work with us, we keep costs affordable by assembling a team of independent, creative freelancers and entrepreneurs. We enlist associates who really have the talent, but reject the creative constraints that accompany a big, corporate, ad agency affiliation. This sidesteps the immense overhead built into agency invoices. Working this way, no job is literally too small or too large.

High Desert Data began life as New Mexico Domains back in 1999. We are an evolving technology company that has provided cost-effective Internet Hosting, and E-Commerce solutions since 1999. Today we focus on WordPress Security and Management. Our product offerings include web hosting consulting, and security services. We provide integrated solutions for individual and small businesses.

Support Is Our Top Priority

We can do that!

We proactively monitor all critical Website systems.

We can detect most site malfunctions and correct any issues before they become serious.

In an industry as dynamic as Internet services, you can’t expect your support team to predict the future. But you can and should demand that your team make a commitment to support your Web Hosting needs — now and in the future — with solutions you can rely on and a system that will support your growth and stay at the forefront of technology.

What can you expect?

Since its inception, High Desert Data has earned the trust and confidence of our customers by becoming a responsive and responsible resource for their technology requirements. This is also the critical area in which we distinguish ourselves from other Web Care Providers.

Discounts for First Responders/Military

Users must not use the server for mass mailing and must not run websites dedicated solely to religion or politics.

Donation buttons are allowed. Non-profits may use their sites for sales and fund raisers.

We’re Open For Partnerships

Outsourcing – from hiring a reliable freelancer for specific tasks, to engaging a consultant to handle certain campaigns.

Outsourcing may be a valuable way to delegate a portion of your business with a lower risk, and higher competence, than hiring your own in-house team.

Peace of mind

We offer comprehensive, worry-free WordPress Website Care Plans. With our Plan, we monitor, update, maintain, and back up your sites. If your client has a problem, whether it’s an outdated plugin, a hack, or, worst of all, an outage — we’ll take that emergency call or email and set things right.