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WordPress Web Hosting Features

When it comes to where to host your site, you have a lot of choices.

But if you want to host a high-performing e-commerce store, Small Business Website, or Personal Blog, then you’ll want to learn about your Cloud hosting choices.

When you’re looking for a New Mexico  Managed WordPress partner, then the price is only one element of that relationship.

If you decide to buy a new car, price is important, but you realize you’re going to have your car for a long time. You don’t buy it for a month or a year, you buy one for the long haul.

When looking for a Web Host, you will quickly find that every sales pitch for web hosting is based on the same metrics, in this case, disk space, RAM, page views, and pricing. The question here is: can you evaluate a partner based solely on these criteria?

At the core of this decision, you’re not just buying another product. You’re buying the ability to make sure your business runs effectively, now and in the future. You need more than a specific amount of disk space or RAM or even pricing; you need a partner who understands how to meet your needs.

Evaluating a Managed WordPress Host
Who am I and why does it matter?

I have to think about all aspects of what is best for my site, whether I directly interact with it or not. I need to make sure that the site is fast and always available. I can’t afford to lose traffic or miss orders because of unreliability. When we thought about the needs of those running their businesses on WordPress sites, the first thing we considered at Liquid Web was making sure that your sites were backed by infrastructure that guarantees uptime. We focused on redundancy and availability, because we know you need us to have your back during a big campaign or on Black Friday when your orders double. Our features are backed by innovative infrastructure, so count on us to keep the lights on for you.

You may feel maintenance and support services don’t offer anything groundbreaking, as they don’t provide help with anything you can’t do yourself. That, however, is missing the point. Support services greatly reduce your workload and allow you to focus your time on more important tasks.

I need to be able to work quickly in staging environments, so I don’t have to make changes on the fly in production. I want to be able to use crisp images and not worry about compression values— my host should do this for me. When I complete a site, I want to password protect it until my client signs off and gives me the go ahead to set it live. Providing accurate reports to my clients is also important, and I want to be able to show them the value of my work, as well as the stability of my Managed WordPress hosting provider. Liquid Web provides one-click staging environments because we knew it was critical for designers to see how updates and changes could impact sites. We also partnered with iThemes to give every account Sync Pro, so that reporting to your clients is easy and provides detailed, meaningful information.

I need Git integration and staging sites. SSL is a requirement, and I don’t want pay a lot to secure my sites. I find managing sites or developing for them is hindered if I have to do everything through a graphical interface, so I need SSH access, and WP-CLI is non-negotiable. Most Managed WordPress offerings deliberately restrict access, so you can’t unintentionally modify things on the backend. For example, if you want direct database access, Managed WordPress hosts will either make it difficult or not let you have access at all. Similarly, when you need to SSH or SFTP a visual interface may be provided with limitations. The intent is to protect you from site downtime through restriction. The ideal Managed WordPress offering will allow access at levels that suit those who are or are not developers. At Liquid Web, our approach was to make the user interface comfortable for non-developers, and at the same time give developers the deeper access they need. Database management is available using phpMyAdmin. WP-CLI and Git integration are standard, allowing developers to navigate freely through site files without having to utilize a visual interface

Why We Don’t Publish Hosting Prices

There are several compelling reasons for this decision, which are rooted in the unique nature of web hosting and the diverse needs of our clients.

When your plan is too big, you waste money; when your plan is too small, performance suffers.

Web hosting is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The cost of hosting a website can vary greatly depending on a multitude of factors such as the specific features included in the plan, and the level of technical support needed. For instance, a first-time Blogger’s needs are quite different from those of a business e-commerce site.

We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that you only pay for what you need, and not for what you don’t.

  • Managed Hosting
  • Customized For Your Specific Needs
  • Fully Managed
  • Auto Scaling
  • Unlimited Tech Support
  • AMD EPYC Processors
  • You Build It WordPress Hosting
  • Instant WordPress Website
  • Your Choice Of Any One Template
  • E-Commerce Ready
  • 10 GB Cloud Storage
  • Premium Plugins Included
  • We Build It WordPress Hosting
  • Professionally Designed For Your Business
  • Free Estimate – No Obligation
  • Fully Managed
  • Affordable Web Design Services
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


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There is a certain somebody with a definite problem looking to fill a particular need and they’ve found themselves on your website. So to answer the question, “What’s the purpose of a website?” We’ll help you make informed decisions about your web hosting needs so that you can choose the right host.

The benefits of e-Commerce

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Whether you’re just getting started searching for a way to market and sell your products and services, or you are a successful company searching for new ways to increase sales, High Desert Digital can provide the talent that will eliminate the stumbling blocks that might otherwise prevent you from successfully conducting business on the WEB.

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By providing fast and reliable New Mexico hosting solutions, our customers can focus on the results of their Internet presence, not the problems.


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