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You Have Hosting and Web Design Choices

You can choose a hosting plan from one of LiquidWeb’s many offerings below, or if you’d prefer to have a more personal “one on one” relationship with your Santa Fe Website developer, High Desert Digital specializes in Personal and Small Business Web Design and Hosting, offering affordable pricing without sacrificing quality.

What makes us The Leading New Mexico Web Host?

You’ll find that every Hosting Account, from the largest to the smallest, have all the same advanced hosting features. Our comprehensive hosting solutions offer much more than the typical budget hosting plan. All the standard features are FREE and there are no hidden costs. We offer Fully Managed Services for all customers, regardless of the hosting plan.

We Never Over Sell our Web Servers – Important! Read On

Our Web Server upgrades come at a time when any one of our servers approaches 50% capacity – Bandwidth, Resources, or Drive Space. We simply spin up an additional Web Server. It’s transparent to our Web Host customers, and their service is never interrupted.

We don’t ‘Cap” your Web Site resources

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Some other Hosts imply in their marketing that you can run dynamic websites like WordPress, and some even use terms like “Unlimited”. But what they don’t tell you is, if you do run such programs even with minimal traffic, chances are you will get the dreaded “exceeds cpu quota“ error. And your site will be suspended for at least 5 minutes each time this happens.

Why is this?

Let’s say your website is on a server with many other customers and websites. As your website, and/or the other sites hosted on the server, begin to draw more traffic, the server that hosts all these many websites, including yours, needs more processing power and consequently more CPU requests to accommodate the growing traffic.

The server will eventually hit its resource limits for every site it’s hosting, including yours. All
websites will then receive the dreaded “exceeds CPU quota“ and your site will go down if it continues to consume resources at a higher rate than your plan permits.

If you’re making a decision based on the cheapest quoted price, think again. Not all New Mexico Web Host providers are created equal. You want a provider who backs your business with performance, power, speed, redundancy, and responsiveness.

LiquidWeb Family of Brands

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High-performance traditional, cloud, and hybrid hosting environments. Fast, reliable, highly-secure and hassle free hosting.

Products: Dedicated Servers, VPS, VMware Private Cloud, Multi-Server Solutions.


A truly managed, Cloud solution built to optimize Magento, and WordPress sites, stores and applications.

Products: Managed WordPress Hosting, Managed Hosting, Managed Magento Hosting, and more.


StellarWP is Liquid Web’s home for a growing portfolio of WordPress premium plugins.

Managed Web Hosting Specials

Santa Fe Hosting Specials

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High Desert Digital supporters

For Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and New Mexico businesses that are dependent on the web, High Desert Digital managed web hosting is the best choice because it offers peace of mind for businesses and the designers, developers, and agencies who create for them.

Managed hosting takes on the responsibility of server management, operating system and control panel updates. Managed hosting is built to offer a higher level of support for their customers than shared hosts.

Managed Ecommerce Solutions

When you need optimal performance, top-notch security, and scalability, choose LiquidWeb/Nexcess.

With a professionally maintained infrastructure and expert recommendations on configurations that increase speed, ease of use, and revenue for your eCommerce platform, High Desert Digital will always be available before, during, and after launching your website.

Managed Dedicated Linux and Windows Servers

Managed dedicated servers offer high performance and locked-down security for any website or application.

Upgrade to a bundle and save on services like backups and DDoS protection. 6 and 12 month Windows bundles are available upon request.