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You may ask, and hopefully, we’ll give you some insights, into what almost all web designers, be they freelance or large agencies, use as a platform for building over half of all of the 1,234,228,567 online websites.

Santa Fe WordPress Website Design

WordPress is without question the most popular web design platform in the world. WordPress is used by 41.9% of all the websites, and that is a content management system (CMS) market share of 65.0%.

A huge market has grown alongside WordPress, and that is the Theme or Template design model.  WordPress uses a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to within WordPress as Themes. This allows very talented (and sometimes not so talented) freelancers and web design agencies to develop Highly Customizable WordPress Themes and offer them to the general public at very reasonable prices. 

From my own, and not very scientific research, I have found, in most cases, every WordPress designer and/or developer’s own website uses a pre-made theme from one of the wealth of themes available in the marketplace. If you’d like proof, just drop me a line and I’ll provide a link to a free tool that can detect installed WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins. 

“However, to the extent that absence of full disclosure of the purpose of an experiment violates participants’ default assumptions, it can mislead them, and therefore should be avoided.”  We want you to know that this site is built using a theme we purchased from an industry-leading marketplace.

If we can agree for the moment that “You get what you pay for” and that “If something is too good to be true in appearance, it probably is too good to be true in reality.”  Then if the overseas designers that flood your inbox with lowball offers and some agencies want upwards of $35,000 – how’s a person to decide the best path forward?

So to try and put it all in perspective, a freelance developer is a safe choice for a semi-custom project; including an e-commerce site. While a reputable agency is better for larger enterprise-type businesses with complex system requirements.

We can help you with all that. Having begun life in 1999 as New Mexico Domains, we have enlisted associates nationwide and from around the globe, that really have the talent but reject the creative constraints that accompany large corporate ad agency affiliation. This sidesteps the immense overhead built into agency invoices. Working this way, we are able to keep your costs low and ensure that no project is considered too big or too small.

Santa Fe Website Design

santa fe web design

Our team works with your business to deliver a dynamic Internet solution that is aligned with your business goals and ensures a perfect fit.

  • Web Site Design and Management
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Graphic Design, Logos, animation, etc.
  • MySQL Databases
  • Streaming Audio and Video3
  • Ecommerce  with SecureTransactions Analysis
  • Improving and updating existing Web Sites
santa fe website design

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