Why security threats matter for your website.


We realize how important your website is to your business;  it’s both a source of income, and also your persona.

If you read the news, you know it’s nearly impossible for any website to be 100% safe and secure — the bad guys are going to find new ways to attack websites, which can cause a data breach that places your company’s intellectual property and your users’ personally identifiable information at risk.

However, if cyber criminals are having a difficult time attacking a website, chances are that they’ll just move on looking for other sites that haven’t implemented security strategies.

We can help you protect your site and ensure it stays protected.

At High Desert Digital, we’ll configure your server with a  suite of  security enhancements that help block unwanted access and ensure your data remains secure.

A word about Shared Hosting.

There are many web hosting companies that host hundreds websites on a single server. Some well over a thousand!

Hosting many websites on a single server is one of the worst security practices currently in use today. As the name implies, with shared hosting, you’re sharing server resources with other websites on the same server. Hosting many sites on the same web server creates a very large attack surface. Once an attacker has found an exploit on one site, the infection can spread easily to other sites on the same server.

For instance, at last look, this web host had over 3000 sites on one server! Click the link and scroll down. DOES THIS SOUND REALISTIC TO YOU?

At High Desert Digital We Never Over Sell our Web Servers

Our Web Server upgrades come at a time when any one of our servers approaches 60% capacity – Bandwidth, Resources or Drive Space.

We simply put on an additional Web Server. It’s transparent to our Web Host customers, and their service is never interrupted.

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