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Your Visual Image on The Web

Most consumers - retail or wholesale - search online first - moving from one website to the next.

It takes more than creative writing.

Certainly, words are still the best means to communicate various types of information, but according to a study by Skyword, the total views of a piece of written content increase by 94% when visual content, such as an image or infographic, is embedded.

Combining Visuals with text provides a more aesthetic experience for the viewer.

It holds the visitor’s attention and guides them to focus on the image. In the world of online marketing in competition for consumer attention, one of the best ways to communicate a message is through visual presentation.

People look at your web site before they consider doing business with you. Does your website tell your story and convince that person to follow through and call, email or visit you?

If your website doesn’t quickly and skillfully make a positive impression, then your potential customers will move on and never look back. It must capture your visitors attention and inform in simple terms. Obviously, it should say who you are, what you do, and why you’re better.

Visual content is indeed a form of art, even when it’s being used for business purposes. Your website visitors know this instinctively, so content that has no visuals are likely to seem dull and lifeless.


The Importance of Visual Content in Social Media Marketing

Most New Mexico businesses, whether you’re in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Northern or Southern New Mexico, face stiff competition.

Your New Mexico business should be using Social Media to deliver  your message and promote your business by posting content on social media networks. All things being equal, Visual Content is essential for your Social Media Marketing success.

Combining Visual elements with text provides an engaging experience for your viewer. It holds the readers attention and draws them to focus on the image. Long, drawn out lines of text can be mind numbing and tiresome.


Why Facebook Advertising Is Effective

Facebook offers  a great opportunity for businesses to target their specific audience and increase your company’s brand awareness and sales. Consider the following vs. other advertising venues:

The most obvious reason is the amount of users on Facebook.

  • 1.56 billion daily active users on Facebook on average for March 2019
  • 2.38 billion monthly active users on Facebook as of March 31, 2019

Facebook also provides you with many ways to create different ad types according to your objective, including photos, videos, and slideshows.

Perhaps the most valuable feature of Facebook ads is Targeting.

The days of spraying and praying are over.

There are over 2,000 different targeting variables available in Facebook Ads Manager. You can focus your ads to your particular target market. 

See the amazing infographic of variables below.

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