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Why We’re The Best
Santa Fe New Mexico Website Design Company


Our team works with your business to help you reach your business goals for a successful web presence.

  • Web Site Design and Management
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Graphic Design, Logos, Animation, etc.
  • MySQL Databases
  • Streaming Audio and Video
  • E-commerce with Secure Transactions and Analysis
  • Modernizing and Updating existing Web Sites

Let Us Build Your New Website For You!

Do It For Me Websites


We offer professionally designed websites including photos and copy, created specifically for your business.

Your website is for your New Mexico customers. It’s really not for you, and not for your business. It’s for your customers.

Your website is the virtual front door of your business, and it needs to make a good first impression.

We never  “launch and forget”. Website updates are handled for you with comprehensive reporting.

Responsive on Mobile for smartphone capability.

Additional optional features including Local Business Listings, advanced SEO, and e-Commerce are available.

Professionally designed templates that allow you customize everything.

Instant WordPress Websites


We Offer More Than 200 WordPress Templates That Are Available For Easy Import

Professionally designed templates that allow you to customize everything.

Browse our selection of WordPress Business Websites, Food Websites, eCommerce Websites, Educational Websites, Entertainment Websites, Blogger Websites, Non-profit Websites, Portfolio Websites, and more!

WordPress Care Plans Included With Each Account


Maintaining WordPress or WooCommerce sites is an ongoing process. High Desert Digital assumes that responsibility and gives you more time to do what you do best — managing your business.

With a choice of WordPress Care Plans, we’ll ensure your sites are reliably updated, so that (for example) a flawed or incompatible plugin doesn’t crash your site.

With regular offsite backups, security scans, malware removal, visual validation, and other services, we’ll keep your sites running smoothly.

WordPress Websites Can’t Take Care Of Themselves

That’s Our Job!

WordPress Requires Care

You won’t have to worry about keeping your site updated with PHP versions, or keeping plugins updated, – we handle all of that for you. High Desert Digital provides outstanding managed WordPress hosting solutions so all you need to do is sit back and relax.


How time-consuming it is to maintain a site?

Peace of Mind

We secure WordPress with effective administration, monitoring, and maintenance. Regular updates of plug-ins and themes, enforcing strong passwords and performing backups.

As an example, if you are using an outdated version of PHP and a plugin update tries to use a function that exists in the
current PHP version but not the old version your site is using, BOOM! Your site is broken.
What gets the blame? The plugin, of course. But, the fault is not in the plugin. It’s because you did not keep PHP up to date.

We run updates at a time of low traffic to your website.

Updates to the Client’s WordPress site, including plugins and themes, are performed weekly unless there is a known security issue.

Many updates feature security improvements making this a vital task.

During the onboarding process, we will determine to the best of our ability, which plugins should be flagged as “error-prone” and either a staging site, which will be used for testing, or a full backup will be taken.

We always ensure compatibility before we update plugins, themes, or WordPress versions. In rare cases when we get unexpected results, we quickly repair the issue.

Offsite Cloud backup of website on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on Maintenance Package purchased.
Recovery of website files from backups.*

Multiple copies of all the website data are stored on our servers using industry-standard encryption. Additionally, sites are backed up to secondary cloud storage for extra redundancy.

We track changes happening to your site and only backup the difference, using our Incremental Backups Technology

Yes, you can. Please contact us here with your request and we’ll provide a tailored quote to suit your needs.

WordPress developers need to stay ahead of the curve with hackers and bad actors.

If we are alerted that your site is compromised or infected, we’ll act to clean the infection or …  If necessary, we’ll restore the files and database we’ve kept from backup.

Malware removal can be a time-intensive task.

If evidence suggests that the client or client’s third party was responsible for the breach, re-install and cleanup efforts will be billed at a $125/hr fee.

Scheduled reports either one-time, weekly or monthly, depending upon the SLA.

Checks to ensure your website is online

If we’ve marked a plugin as “Safe”, or if there are urgent security patches required, then yes. If a plugin is marked as “Not Safe”, we can create a Staging site, and/or perform Visual Regression testing, to verify that it won’t break the site and is Safe at this time to update the plugin.

Definitely! That is exactly why WordPress Care Plans are so important.

In most cases, we’re able to repair the issue or recommend an alternative solution and implement the fix without much trouble.

Just get in touch through your account manager or our support desk and let us know about the issue. If possible include a screenshot
and a member of the team will get back to you with a timescale to resolve the issue for you.

We’re more than able to work on them. If the theme & related plugins are outdated, additional time may be required to pinpoint and tweak minor visual issues.
Licensing is the responsibility of the site owner or agency partner..

We provide an activity report for each site that includes:

  • How many updates took place
  • Exactly what was updated
  • What Plugins were not updated

A heat map is a diagnostic tool that helps businesses understand what users do on website pages. Some of the information it can display includes where on a page users click, how far down a page they scroll, what areas on the page they look at and even what parts they ignore.

Peace of Mind

We will take care of your WordPress site, you do what you do best, whether that’s running your business or generating new leads. Our job is to keep the site running, updated, secured, and backed up.


Forget running security plugins. Our servers do all the heavy lifting so you do not worry about your sites slowing down. We will check your entire site including files and database to find the most complex malware.

Free Website Migration

Already have a WordPress site? We’ll move it to our servers for free. Once you’ve signed up for a plan that suits your needs, we’ll move your website files, databases, and email account completely free of charge.